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EU Summit: How Europe defies global crises!


EU leaders discuss economic stability against backdrop of global challenges

Top European Union leaders will meet this Friday to discuss strategies to boost EU competitiveness, lead in green and digital technologies and reduce dependence on third countries, especially China.

Before the summit in Granada, European Council President Charles Michel stressed in a letter to EU leaders that Russia’s actions in Ukraine in February 2022 had provided the impetus for Europe to reduce its energy dependence and build a stronger economic base.

It is our responsibility as leaders to show that we can work together..

The Granada meeting is seen as an opportunity to develop strategies for the future and strengthen the EU’s resilience in a complex geopolitical context. This summit will also set the tone for future discussions on European Commission proposals that could lead to stricter export controls and technology transfers, particularly for technologies with potential military use..

Granada, as a historic crossroads of cultures and a symbol of coexistence, provides a fitting backdrop for such significant discussions. Once a center of knowledge and exchange in the medieval world, the city reflects the EU’s ambitions to build bridges and shape a future of cooperation and strength in the midst of global challenges.

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