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Empty supermarkets without affordable diesel


High gasoline prices are not only hitting motorists, but increasingly the whole of society. Logistics experts are now warning of another price explosion on the oil market. One day it will no longer be possible to operate profitably, and the supermarkets will be empty.

The German Federal Association of Road Haulage, Logistics and Waste Management (BGL) warns of such a scenario and calls on the German government to take immediate action. A desired alternative provided by electric trucks would therefore be completely utopian for many years to come. The prices at the gas pumps are not only a hard blow for motorists. At a press conference on Friday, the BGL warned of further consequences for society as a whole. The enormous increase in diesel and gas prices in recent weeks and months could threaten the existence of many haulage companies, which would then be directly cut off from the country’s supply of food and everyday goods.

A wave of bankruptcies in the transport sector would then be imminent. Therefore, as an immediate measure, the association demands, among other things, the introduction of a “commercial diesel”–a tax-privileged fuel for transport companies and trucks.

A reduction in VAT would therefore only be a drop in the bucket. The entire sector currently no longer has any planning security.

It also shows that the new federal government’s focus on electromobility in the transport sector is obviously pure fantasy, at least in the foreseeable future. Hydrogen and electric vehicles and their infrastructure are not yet available to replace the diesel vehicles used by transport service providers.

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