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Technical terms from logistics, simply explained.

The Invisible Threat: Spam Emails and Their Effects

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In today's digital world, spam emails have become a ubiquitous nuisance. But while we often moan about it and bury it in our junk folders, spam emails actually have a significant impact on the economy, the environment and people. In this blog article, we will look at these impacts and understand why spam emails should not simply be ignored. The Economic Impact 1. Lost Productivity: Spam emails are not only annoying, but they cost companies billions of dollars in lost work time worldwide....

What is the M&A market?

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In recent days there have been reports of a possible collapse of the M&A market. But what exactly is the M&A market? The M&A market stands for the market for mergers and acquisitions. It refers to the area of the corporate world where mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and other transactions take place in which companies consolidate or expand their businesses or assets. In the M&A market, several types of transactions can occur: Merger: A merger occurs when two or...

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