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From Brexit hurdles to trade highs: the amazing success story of Coyote Logistics


Since Brexit 2021, which took the UK out of the EU single market and customs union, shippers and carriers have experienced increased hurdles in customs clearance and border controls. Coyote Logistics is stepping in with its holistic cross-channel logistics solution to facilitate trade and goods transportation across the English Channel..

The international trade landscape has changed noticeably for European companies, not least due to the challenges of Brexit. Now that the UK is no longer part of the EU single market and customs union, shippers and transport companies are facing new difficulties, particularly when it comes to handling complex customs formalities.

Faced with this new reality, many logistics companies have stopped providing services to the UK, overwhelmed by the bureaucratic requirements. In this situation, the demand for expertise in dealing with customs regulations has increased.

Coyote Logistics, as a global logistics service provider, provides an effective solution for trade between the UK and the EU with its cross-channel service. Services include export documentation, import clearance and real-time tracking. Coyote Logistics, a UPS company headquartered in Chicago and Amsterdam, processes over 10,000 shipments daily and connects shippers and carriers worldwide on its Coyotego platform.

Among the users of these services is Stateside Skates, a British manufacturer of extreme sports products. Coyote Logistics supports the company with export and import clearances and enables digital booking and tracking of freight, which helped Stateside Skates to maintain its level of business before Brexit..

J. Murray Transport, an Irish transportation company, also benefited from Coyote’s solutions. The collaboration enabled the company to expand its business to include more complex transportation between the UK, Ireland and the EU, resulting in a doubling of its fleet..

Coyote Logistics relies on a combination of technology and customer service. At the end of 2021, the company opened a new service center in Wroclaw, Poland, to provide continuous service to European customers. With extensive experience and a broad network of over 7,500 carriers and 1,000 shippers in Europe, Coyote offers customized solutions for post-Brexit challenges.

Image/source: https://www.coyotelogistics.com/

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