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21. September 2023

The Invisible Threat: Spam Emails and Their Effects

In today’s digital world, spam emails have become a ubiquitous nuisance. But while we often moan about it and bury it in our junk folders, spam emails actually have a significant impact on the economy, the environment and people. In…

18. September 2023

German highway toll summary

Away through German toll history: the toll odyssey. In 1990: Germany, fresh after reunification, had an idea: “Let’s introduce a toll for trucks to cover road costs!” Many thought it was a particularly clever idea to make foreign trucks in…

18. July 2023

What is the M&A market?

In recent days there have been reports of a possible collapse of the M&A market. But what exactly is the M&A market? The M&A market stands for the market for mergers and acquisitions. It refers to the area of the…

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