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News at the IAA from TIMOCOM


From September 20 to 25, 2022, the IT company TIMOCOM will present several innovations at the IAA Transportation. These are aimed explicitly at transportation companies and address the special needs of small business owners and users of mobile devices.

“We are expanding our marketplace for European road transport with new products and functions –two of them will be available at the IAA, the third will be brought to the trade fair as a prototype,”explains Gunnar Gburek, Head of Business Affairs at TIMOCOM.

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The modernization of the freight exchange: Thanks to the freight exchange, TIMOCOM users can now, among other things, perform as many search queries as they want at the same time, be informed about new offers and explicitly exclude certain offers from the list of results. The new freight exchange is also clearer and easier to use with mobile devices –ideal for finding freight across Europe while on the move.

Shipment tracking live: with an informative shipment status, simple exchange of transport information and an optimized ETA for trucks, the new development is geared to the wishes of freight forwarders. “It was important to us to provide contractors with a tool that gives them full control over the validation of their data, while at the same time meeting the demands of clients for more transparency in the transport process,”explains Steven van Cauteren, Director of Key Account &Partner Management at TIMOCOM. Using a digital image of the shipment, forwarders can exchange information with their business partners in real time, so that all parties involved in the transport can react quickly in the event of discrepancies. The product is currently being rolled out in German-speaking countries.

Route Planning: This prototype is an addition to live shipment tracking. It allows carriers to plan shipments and drivers based on tours, eliminating manual effort in Excel and Word. Drivers can view tour schedules directly on their mobile devices. “Tour Planning is a prototype that is designed to make the work of business owners easier. We are currently looking for test customers so that we can develop it further according to their needs,”explains Steven van Cauteren. The function is primarily aimed at small businesses and freight forwarders.

Clients in the logistics industry are increasingly demanding digital processes and more transparency from their service providers. With its latest innovations, TIMOCOM wants to help forwarders meet the increasing demands while maintaining control over their own data. In this way, the companies can concentrate on their core business and benefit from the digitalization of their processes.

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