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Lufthansa Cargo new art warehouse at Frankfurt hub


Lufthansa Cargo opened its new art storage facility at the Frankfurt hub yesterday, continuing on the path it has begun to modernize its largest air cargo hub. With 155 square meters, the ARTcube in the Lufthansa Cargo Hub now offers its customers twice as much space for the secure and professional storage of valuable works of art of all kinds.

Photo by Kevin Hackert on Unsplash

Photo by Kevin Hackert on Unsplash

“The modern ARTcube combines optimal handling processes with the highest security features. This allows us to meet the special requirements of sensitive art objects and offer customized solutions for the storage of artworks and exhibits in our hub,”explains Thomas Rohrmeier, Head of Handling Frankfurt at Lufthansa Cargo. “With the new building, we have further strengthened our qualitative focus on this special product and curators and art collectors will thus experience the best storage conditions for their art shipments with us.”

In the future, the Fine Arts segment’s cargo will benefit from a special warehouse with modern technical equipment, where a ventilation system with heating and cooling functions will enable targeted temperature control. Vertical bands of windows on the facade will allow natural lighting, which will be optimized by a supporting lighting system. Specially trained warehouse personnel guarantee perfectly coordinated processes. Access to the special warehouse is controlled and monitored by sensitive security technology. As an additional service, individual accompaniment of art consignments, especially on the ground, can be added.

Valuable and famous works of art by major artists are regularly transported by cargo crane to prestigious exhibitions around the world. With its “Vulnerables”product range, Lufthansa Cargo has therefore developed a special transport solution for the needs of this particular industry, guaranteeing security, professional handling and seamless monitoring for art logistics.

The construction of the new art warehouse is part of the modular infrastructure program “LCCevolution”at the Frankfurt home hub, the core of which includes the construction of a new central high-bay warehouse at the Lufthansa Cargo Center and a step-by-step central renovation of the logistics infrastructure. The complete modernization of the Lufthansa Cargo Center is to be completed by 2029.

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