U.S. women on discrimination in the transportation industry

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Virginia Clark has been a long-haul truck driver for nearly 40 years and has seen and experienced it all. And she believes now is the best time for women to enter the trucking industry. Although Virginia Clark has always loved and been fascinated by this industry, trucking hasn’t always been squeamish about her. She began

The future of China/EU logistics

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Due to security risks, sanctions and payment problems related to geopolitical events, many suppliers and manufacturers prefer not to ship their goods from China to Europe via Russia or the war zone in Ukraine. Recently, most trains running on the New Silk Road were diverted from Ukraine to Belarus. But even with such an approach,

Empty supermarkets without affordable diesel

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High gasoline prices are not only hitting motorists, but increasingly the whole of society. Logistics experts are now warning of another price explosion on the oil market. One day it will no longer be possible to operate profitably, and the supermarkets will be empty. The German Federal Association of Road Haulage, Logistics and Waste Management

Freight Exchange Overview

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Currently the freight exchange overview is being revised! An updated list will appear shortly. Freight exchanges exist in various forms on the Internet, but they did not fundamentally emerge from the Internet. The concept of freight exchanges as such emerged at a time when more and more goods had to be transported by road. In

ADAC recommendation for driving with roof box

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Roof boxes offer practical storage space for long trips, especially for transporting ski equipment. But you have to pay attention to the load, speed and fuel consumption. Roof boxes cannot hold just any load. The maximum load depends on the manufacturer’s specifications and the roof load of your vehicle. This ranges from 50 to 100