Development of the European logistics industry 2023

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Here are a few possible developments and trends that could await the European logistics industry in 2023: Growth of the e-commerce industry: Demand for fast and reliable delivery options will continue to increase, leading to growth in online retailing and therefore the logistics industry. Internationalization: Globalization and free trade will help European companies expand their

How AI could help logistics

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The logistics industry is a major industry that has undergone significant changes in recent years. Due to increasing globalization and growing trade, the demands on the logistics industry have become more and more demanding. At the same time, transportation and storage methods have evolved greatly with the development of new technologies, such as blockchain. Artificial

Ki controlled freight exchange

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The idea of an AI-driven freight exchange and logistics platform is not new. However, no company has yet succeeded in developing “AI” and “logistics” in a way that creates real value and benefits for all parties involved. What is AI? AI is the abbreviation for artificial intelligence. AI refers to the ability of a computer

Return obligation for truck trailers lifted

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Trailers and semi-trailers used by transport companies abroad are now exempt from the obligation to return to the transport company’s home country after eight weeks at the latest. This is according to the revised guidelines that the European Commission has just published on the practical implementation of the mobility package. Previously, the European Commission had

News at the IAA from TIMOCOM

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From September 20 to 25, 2022, the IT company TIMOCOM will present several innovations at the IAA Transportation. These are aimed explicitly at transportation companies and address the special needs of small business owners and users of mobile devices. “We are expanding our marketplace for European road transport with new products and functions – two

Changes in the Executive Board at Kühne+Nagel

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Sarah Kreienbühl will become a member of the Board of Directors of Kühne+Nagel International AG and Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) on April 1, 2023, succeeding Lothar Harings, who will retire in June 2023. Lothar Harings, Member of the Executive Board and CHRO of Kühne+Nagel International AG, will end his long career with the Group

Basics of logistics

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The goals of logistics are the provision of high-quality service, quality and cost reduction. In this respect, conflicting goals arise. For example, although a high inventory level will reduce shortage costs and increase delivery readiness, storage costs will automatically increase. The calculation of logistics costs serves here as an instrument for determining the optimum. In

The paperless logistics provider

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A circular file for the transports, printing out receipts, searching for the file in case of order changes and exchanging the corresponding pages – this is how the management of logistics orders and container requests works in many logistics companies. Despite existing software, the situation was similar at BD Containerhandel und Logistik GmbH in Bremen.

Lufthansa Cargo new art warehouse at Frankfurt hub

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Lufthansa Cargo opened its new art storage facility at the Frankfurt hub yesterday, continuing on the path it has begun to modernize its largest air cargo hub. With 155 square meters, the ARTcube in the Lufthansa Cargo Hub now offers its customers twice as much space for the secure and professional storage of valuable works

The Most Expensive Truck In The World

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Mack Trucks Australia built a truck model for Malaysian Sultan Ibrahim Ismail of Johor at the advertised price of one million dollars so he could transport his private boat. Mack Trucks has a long history. And now it has entered the history books. The Australian arm of the North American OEM built what it claims